The Mockingbird Foundation acknowledges, and expresses appreciation for, the many individuals and corporations who have provided generous tax-deductible donations to support our efforts in funding music education through all-volunteer nonprofit projects. We do so here with annual reports and in places that recognize special designations of some gifts, including memorial donations and some news posts.

In annual reports, contributors are recognized in the following giving levels:

  • Supporters (under $50)
  • Sponsors ($50 to $99)
  • Advocates ($100 to $250)
  • Donors ($250 to $999)
  • Patrons ($1000 to $4,999)
  • Grantors (at or above our maximum grant size of $5,000)

We would also be happy to…

  • designate Funders, who fully fund two or more grants, selected by the board, through a donation of $10,000 or more)
  • designate Endowers, who establish an endowment of $50,000 or more to provide a named grant in each funding cycle, indefinitely), or
  • discuss potential corporate contributions, foundation grants, individual bequeathments, or any other significant donations.



Map includes total donations by zip code. No names or addresses are mapped.