Host Avromi Steinberg has announced and released an episode of the Secondhand Talent podcast which is an interview with Mockingbird Foundation Executive Director Ellis Godard:

In his words:

Secondhand Talent began as a question: Why are so few NON-band members in the music industry recognizable by name, such as Phish’s very own Chris Kuroda? Having occupied all the roles there are to fill in the entertainment scene, Secondhand Talent answered that question by establishing a podcast platform that interviews everyone besides the band. We all know that it takes a proverbial village to produce the concerts and festivals we love so much to attend and enjoy ourselves at. Secondhand Talent was created to provide a space for the stories of the rest of the villagers—some of the hardest working members of the live music community—taking an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the people who shine the spotlights!

In our first two seasons to date, we have interviewed everyone from rock poster artists to bouncers to photographers to FOH and audio engineers. We also interview bands that do it all themselves, playing and managing their Secondhand Talent all in one. Past guests include: Justin Hampton (Rock Poster Artist), Adam Berta (Photographer, Goose), John Heintz (Producer, Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown), Jesse Cryderman (Founder, Inside Straight Productions), Ween Archived, Keith Harker (Vocologist, Magic Beans, Kitchen Dwellers) and many, many more! Season Three hits the airwaves March 6, 2024.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, featuring an interview with Ellis Godard, Executive Director of Mockingbird Foundation. We hope you stick around for a while! For more information on how to tune in from an audio channel, see the available streaming options at Finally – if anyone reading this would like to be a guest on the show, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!