The Mockingbird Foundation has hosted, co-hosted, and been supported by a number of events over the past two decades, including golf tournaments, poker tournaments, art exhibitions, pre-show meetups, release parties, and benefit shows. (Want to host your own?)


We’ve already held our first wine tasting event, in Charleston, SC, in September 2019. Our next event will be in New York in late December.


We’ve known since the Hampton Reunion that this was an experience that we wanted to create for and offer to Phish fans, and players have had a great time so far. So, we finally got around to starting an annual outing: The Mockingbird Runaway Open, a charity golf tournament exclusively for Phish fans. We’ve had four so far, and are busy planning the fifth:

We look forward to seeing you on the links for the fourth, Saturday, August 30, 2019, with a shotgun start at 10 a.m. for up to 80 players at Willis Case in Denver. Registration is open, and all three previous years have sold out, so act quickly!


The Foundation has benefitted from two poker tournaments – the Phamily Poker Classic – held in Atlantic City, NJ, and Tahoe, NV. We look forward to holding a third someday, perhaps in Vegas – it just hasn’t quite happened yet.


The Mockingbird Foundation has benefitted from a number of art exhibitions – variously billed as poster shows, art shows, poster/pin events, and more – at which various artists display and sell phan-friendly art. These events have thus far included:

Over the years, these several dozen artists, and their patron collectors, have developed quite a community, with an eager market of discerning tastes and growing collections. We are proud to work with these folks, on art exhibitions and other Foundation projects, and look forward to doing more with them in the future.


The vibrant online community at has been holding pre-show meetups since 1993, if not earlier. They’re typically at a nearby bar or restaurant, have frequently passed a hat or raffle for the Foundation, and a great place to meet like-minded folk (whether online acquaintances or not) face-to-face.