Today marks the release of Joe Cripe’s second EP, Bob’s House, from which 100% of the streaming profits will be donated to the Mockingbird Foundation to support music education for children. As Joe describes it:

This project took many months of effort to complete, and all I want is this to continuously help those who need music the most. Playing music is beneficial for mental health, team work, creativity, stress relief, building friendships, strengthening motor muscles and expressing what words cannot. It’s never too late or early to learn an instrument!

If you feel so inclined, please donate directly through this post. I set the goal at $1, because there is no dollar goal, but I’m happy for anything that is received. Please enjoy Bob’s House in the meantime!

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Joe is a self-taught musician with a knack for warm melodies and heartfelt lyrics. After a collection of collaborative releases with The Po’ Boys, Rockwell Trio and Cripe Coogan Collab, and live performances with Zelmo Beaty and ENIGMA, Joe is bringing it back home with his second solo EP Bob’s House (with a little help from some friends!). Taking inspiration from a wide range of influences including Bob Dylan, Phish, Etta James, John Prine, and Freddie Gibbs. Joe has crafted a sound that is both familiar and authentic.

Tracks 1 & 3 were inspired by a visit to Bob Dylan’s childhood home in Hibbing, MN. Track 2 was written and recorded on new years eve last year on a cold, foggy and mellow winter day in Michigan City, IN. Bonus track 4 was recorded live in the living room where young Bob used to hang out, think, jam and improvise.

Joe mentioned “Bill Pagel, who graciously gave me a tour of Bob’s House, kept saying to me after each story “oh you know Bob!!!” And at first I laughed at him. But after sitting in Bob’s bedroom, listening to the his old EY-2 45 record player, and strumming my guitar on his couch, I actually stopped laughing and started writing. We all know Bob!!”