As you all embark on a holiday filled with the love and kinship of friends and family, we have a fun challenge that we are sharing with all of the partners in our work, like you, to help spread the word of how the Mockingbird Foundation has helped hundreds of thousands of children by supporting music education for those in need.

Here’s the challenge: If you are thankful for the work we have done and continue to do, please consider making a donation on Thanksgiving day. Then take this as a fun opportunity to find a creative way to discuss the Mockingbird Foundation and its work with those around you at the dinner table and see if you can inspire other family members to match your Thanksgiving contribution. Don’t take it as intimidating. Thanksgiving gives you numerous chances to talk about the things you  are grateful for, and we hope one of them is the positive impact we’ve all had on so many young musicians. Nothing would make us happier than if new people could learn about our work and join us in continuing to find and support deserving music education programs.

Thus far, we have provided almost $2.4 million through 657 grants in all 50 states, and we have much work left to do. And because the Foundation is entirely run by volunteers, our operating overhead is low relative to many other non-profits so more of your donation dollars go to benefiting children’s programs nationwide. And Since the Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations may also be tax deductible.

Your support over the years has been so welcome and appreciated by so many young people across this country with a love of learning about music. For that, we at The Mockingbird Foundation are truly thankful. We cannot do this vital work without you, our partners.

The holidays are a busy time. Don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge the important things – including the power of music education in changing lives. This Thanksgiving, help spread our message to friends and family. Make a donation to The Mockingbird Foundation together. Even the most Phish-skeptical family members will be proud to do so!

If you do end up talking about The Mockingbird Foundation, please let us know by putting up a post on social media with the hashtag #mbirdturkeychallenge. Share a group shot from your table, the best side dish, or a creative shot to highlight that you took the challenge.

Thank you for being our partners in this important work, and have a great Holiday!