The Mockingbird Foundation acknowledges, and expresses appreciation for, the many individuals and corporations who have provided generous tax-deductible donations to support our efforts in funding music education through all-volunteer nonprofit projects. Contributions are recognized at listed giving levels and acknowledged online in annual reports.

The following individuals, foundations, and corporations made contributions during 2006:

Grantors ($5000 & up)

  •   Phish

Donors ($250-999)

  •   Compass Real Estate
  •   Hal Waterman [1]
  •   Paul Murin (for The Phix)
  •   The Mimi Fishman Foundation

Advocates ($100-249)

  •   Calvin Thorne [2]
  •   Carly Sproul

Sponsors ($50-99)

  •   Adam Arvidson
  •   Brian Feller
  •   Jocelyn Furr

Supporters (up to $50)

  •   Brent Watson
  •   Brooks Bailey
  •   Donald and Anita Fiore [3]
  •   Elizabeth Sheldon
  •   James (William J.) Adams [4]
  •   James Taylor
  •   Jonathan Springer [5]
  •   Kristina Hoffman [2]
  •   Ryan Heimberger

1…in memory of Jeff Hartzell

2…monthly subscription donor

3…in honor of Frank and Norma Papandrea

4…in memory of (unnamed)

5…in honor of “Meathead” of Crane Pool Charity Gift Exchange