Attention, fans of Phish and Hold ‘Em Poker: As just announced at, the second Phamily Poker Classic will take place in Lake Tahoe at Harvey’s Casino on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 10, and it will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation!

The tournament will be limited to 100 players (including bounty players), and it will be played during the afternoon of the 10th. The blinds and chip stacks will be structured so that nobody will miss a note of Phish.The entry fee will once again be $120, and at least half of that amount will go directly into the prize pool, with the remainder to be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation after accounting for tournament expenses. The tournament also will again be run by volunteers, including Kevin Young, Jamey Brill, and Charlie Dirksen, who organized the first Phamily Poker Classic last year in Atlantic City. Non-cash prizes will be raffled off during the tournament, and every player will receive a limited edition custom poster created by artist Jon Lamb of Like Minded Productions. Twenty of the posters will be signed and numbered by the artist, and printed on archival quality paper, and the final table’s players will each receive this special edition of the poster in the number that they are eliminated (e.g., tenth place will receive poster No. 10).

Tickets will be available through beginning Monday, May 9th, at noon eastern time. If you played in this event last year and enjoyed it, please help us sell this event out by telling other fans about your experience! We hope that you will join us again and make this event as special as the original Phamily Poker Classic. With your continued support, these events hopefully will become common whenever Phish performs in poker-friendly towns.

Please see for additional information. Also, if you or your business are interested in donating non-cash prizes to this event, please email Charlie at [email protected]. Your contributions would be enormously appreciated. If you have any questions about the event itself, please email [email protected].