Charlie Dirksen, a founding Board member and officer of the Mockingbird Foundation, will be running 13.1 miles around San Francisco (including on the Golden Gate Bridge) on Sunday morning July 29 as part of The San Francisco Marathon events. Charlie is running in order to raise money to support music education for children programs. Your donation will help inspire Charlie in this effort, and a donation of ANY SIZE AT ALL is encouraged and welcomed. The Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation not only is fully tax deductible, but also substantially and directly benefits music education programs due to the Foundation’s very low overhead.

Charlie will match up to the first $250 in donations. Charlie would also like to thank you personally for your donation. If you donate to the Foundation in recognition of Charlie’s run, please consider submitting your email address and your “snail mail” (postal) address along with your donation.