9/2/17 - ColoradoThe Mockingbird Foundation is excited to announce the Second Annual Runaway Open, a charity golf tournament exclusively for Phish fans. The inaugural event (10/30/16 at the Arroyo Golf Club in Vegas) was a great success, and we’ve been hearing from players who are ready for another. So, let’s do it!

This year’s Runaway Open will take place Saturday, September 2nd at Buffalo Run Golf Course in Commerce City, one of the nicer of the dozens of courses in the Denver area, and among the shortest driving distances to Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena, where Phish is playing that weekend.

(Several worth considering are fewer miles but more minutes. Several others that are a shorter drive are not nearly as nice courses. Plus, this is a nicer drive, away from the congestion and past a wildlife refuge.)

Tee times will range from 10 am to 12 noon. We’ll work to get yours identified in advance, and accomodate whatever preferences you have. But we also hope to get as many people together at once as possible for another group shot.

To register, make a donation to the Mockingbird Foundation of at least $125 per player, ASAP, via Paypal (to [email protected]) or Dwolla (to [email protected]). We’ll get in touch within a matter of hours, and keep you posted as the event approaches.

This is a lower entry fee than last year, but with a few more perks, including of course green fees, cart fees, practice balls, etc., plus a boxed lunch, $15 in golf shop merchandise credit, and a limited-edition surprise momento from Mockingbird, plus a nominal contribution to the Foundation.

Registration is open now, and spots for the first event filled within a few days. So, please act quickly, and tell anyone you know who’s going to the Dick’s shows and/or plays golf: It’s time to hit some balls – again!

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