NOTE: The information below is about the Second Edition of The Phish Companion. But we’ll be updating this page this fall, as we have announced plans for the Third Edition as well as a call for those interested in contributing to our efforts.

The Phish Companion is the category-leading, best-selling book about the band Phish, the most comprehensive, authoritative, and accurate reference available to Phish fans, produced on an entirely volunteer basis, with all of net proceeds supporting music education for children!

At over 900 pages (and 4.20 pounds), TPC2 explores Phish’s entire history – 1426 shows and 650 songs, over 21 years – researched with the support of official Phish sources including band archivist Kevin Shapiro, lyricist Tom Marshall, bassist Mike Gordon, and others.

Best of all, it comes from the fans: Over 1500 named volunteers contributed to the First Edition, and hundreds more helped improve the second edition.

“an unmatched effort on behalf of a single band’s musical legacy. … The Phish Companion isn’t just a document of Phish history but an essential part of it.” – Parke Puterbough, in Phish: The Biography

TPC2 CoverNearly four years after the first edition was released, The Phish Companion, Second Edition (“TPC2″) replaces it as the most complete and accurate book about the band and its music. Thanks to feedback from hundreds of fans, and thousands of hours of research by volunteers, the new edition is more integrated, better edited, more readable, & more complete.

Every section was revisited – some completely revised, others purged and filled with new content. Many feature entirely new kinds of content. Even the size of the book is new – as are the cover, fonts, layout, structure, and core volunteers.

“Truly an epic piece of work. I hesitate to use that overplayed word — but in this case it’s true.” – Tom Marshall


  • Setlists, show notes, and statistics on 1,426 live performances by the ban — thousands of updates, corrections, & clarifications – dozens of new findings — an all-new “teases table”, plus revised & reorganized statistic
  • Setlists and reviews covering nearly 700 sideshows– side projects, guest appearances, & more – 100s during the hiatus alone!
  • History and statistics of over 670 songs detailed — over 230 originals & 440 covers, documented in 22,863 song performances
  • Detailed notes & advice on live recordings in circulation — recommended sources, fan poll rankings, scarity ratings, & all-new statistics
  • Redesigned discography (w/ over 100 entries) & venues table


  • 4 very special tributes
  • 5 more interviews with band insiders
  • 6 forewords by Phish’s music teachers!
  • 7 new graphs, charts, and histograms
  • all new essays & photography, and scores of new show reviews
  • topical index of lyrics; plus: the hiatus in their words: a collage


  • all-volunteer production: no salaries, paid staff, or office
  • a dedication to accuracy – w/ input from the band, their management, & fans like you for almost 10 years!
  • a non-profit project: all net proceeds go to music education
  • over $700,000 disbursed so far, in over 200 grants nationwide

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TPC Cover - Full

Cover photography and design by Pete Sitzman. Other photography on this page by Michael Weintrob. Additional photographers contributed to and are credited in the book. All images copyright 2004 by the Mockingbird Foundation

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