grantee-guitar3The Foundation applies a rigorous review process to insure that your donations are used wisely to support high quality, innovative music education programs, where help is most needed. This is evidenced by the strength of the hundreds of organizations we have supported, and by the robust and comprehensive nature of our review process.

NOTE: The dates below reflect a shift from the historical pattern of Mockingbird’s funding cycles. We are shifting the entire schedule six months, including an abbreviated and transitional Round 26, for which inquires closed 1/16/21.

Key Deadlines

  • Inquiries open each year by June 15th via an online form that closes the following January 15th at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
  • Final funding decisions will now typically be announced in mid-June.

Full Schedule

These details are provided to elucidate our thoroughness, and so that applicants know they aren’t being ignored. However, as an all-volunteer organization with no staff, salaries, or office, we are unable to provide any update on the status of any inquiry or proposal, other than as detailed here and announced at the end. Moreover, these dates (current to review of Round 24 applicants in 2019) change a bit from year to year, as our process continues to evolve through refinements and structural developments.

  • June 15 – Inquiries open via an online form that closes Jan 15, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.  After a brief administrative vetting, each inquiry is randomly assigned to multiple reviewers.
  • Jan 17 – First-Stage Review starts, with volunteers each receiving a docket of between 20 and 200 submissions. Each reviewer select three inquiries from their docket by Feb 21.
  • Feb 22 – Second-Stage Review starts, as a subset of reviewers collaboratively considers all selections made. A final slate of ~15 applicants is due to the executive director by Mar 13.
  • Mar 15 – Invitations are sent to submit full proposals, through a second online form, due April 15.
  • April 16 – Proposal Review starts, with final dockets integrating the full proposals with elements from the initial inquiries. This process changes a bit each year.
  • Mid-June – Final funding decisions which had typically been announced between Christmas and New Year’s, sometimes early January, will now be early Summer.