The all-volunteer Mockingbird Foundation has announced dates for its next three rounds of competitive grantmaking, including additional funding and a change in scheduling. In the transition from the old schedule (for Round 25) to the new one (for Round 27), an abbreviated Round 26 will provide grants during June 2021, and future rounds will announce at the beginning of each summer rather than the end of each year.

The timetable will include a five-month shift of every element of the schedule. For applicants, the inquiry deadline moves from August (when program directors are either off campus or otherwise occupied) to January, the proposal deadline from October (the height of festival and performance season) to March, and funding announcements from January to June (as budgets for the subsequent year happen.)

ROUND:     25   26   27+
Inquiry Submission Opens
1.1.20 8.2.20 6.15.21+
Inquiry Deadline 8.1.20 1.15.21 1.15.22+
   1st Stage Review ends 9.6.20 2.21.21 2.21.22+
   2nd Stage Review ends 10.5.20 3.13.21 3.13.22+
Proposals Invited 10.6.20 3.15.21 3.15.22+
Proposal Deadline  11.1.20 4.15.21 4.15.22+
  Committee Review due 12.1.20 5.15.21 5.15.22+
  Board Review due 12.22.20 6.7.21 6.7.22+
Funding Announcement  12.29.20  6.15.21 6.15.22

The Mockingbird Foundation has been operated entirely by volunteer fans, with no salaries or paid staff, since its inception. Mockingbird is now a leading provider of historical information about the band Phish and its music, having cultivated intellectual property through since 1994. Also a leading grantmaker in music education for children, the Foundation has now made 446 grants, in all 50 states, totaling $1,623,786.40. Proceeds are generated by celebrating the music of Phish through books, recordings, art, donations, and special events, including poster exhibitions, poker tournaments, and golf tournaments.

For more information about Phish, see the official or Mockingbird’s own fan-run