As an entirely volunteer organization, The Mockingbird Foundation could not do what it does without volunteers. Many people invest significant time, care, and effort, often behind the scenes, curating intellectual property, coordinating events, developing services and relationships, improving the Foundation’s capacities, and ultimately advancing our core mission of funding music education for children.

Increasingly, this involves people who are outside of the formal structure of the board but whose exceptional efforts provide critical support. They are due our appreciation and your awareness. We therefore identify a group of such people, each November, as Mockingbird Ambassadors.

The 2018 Mockingbird Ambassadors are as follows:

  • Ali Stone – for directing and executing a variety of social media campaigns for the Mockingbird Foundation, particularly around TP3 and music education generally.
  • Brent Dowdy – one of the more active members of the development team, and a vocal proponent of the Foundation’s mission in the forum and elsewhere
  • Kat Griffin – for ongoing support developing relationships with photographers and helping staff Mockingbird tables at poster events
  • Mark Larezzo – for organizing multiple meetups, big New Year’s Eve-run raffles, and volunteering with site administration at
  • MaryPat Frohm  – for boundless energy and optimism helping staff Mockingbird tables at poster shows and other events
  • Reed (@DaleCooper) – for creating and hosting the “Netties”, an awards show style fundraiser/lol-a-thon for the forum
  • Stephen Blackstone – for invaluable contributions to the codebase, and ongoing volunteering and consultation in re its further development
  • Xander Quine – for coding, expertise, and volunteering behind, further developing current code and building towards a new future architecture

We are honored by their involvement, and the ongoing support of so many more. The Mockingbird Foundation would not be what it is, or do what it does, without each of these people, and many more. Thank you, each and all!