Once again we’d like to express our appreciation for your support of music education for children.

The contributions and encouragement from Phish fans have helped us continue to grow what the Mockingbird Foundation is, what it does, and what we can support. Each grantee you’ve helped us support conducts awe-inspiring work to bring music into the lives of children. Every dollar we raised and given in 2016 has made an impact—culturally, organizationally, individually, and aesthetically.

What we did in 2016…

Thanks to our contributors, in 2016 we topped 300 grants, and one million dollars in grants. We published the third edition of the Phish Companion, and commissioned nearly a dozen prints by top artists, all celebrating not only the breadth but also the beauty of Phish’s rich history. We took part in a half dozen events across the country, including a number of successful poster events and the first charity golf tournament exclusively for Phish fans. And the organization celebrated its 20th Anniversary!


We thank you for your support in helping to make all of that happen. Every book you bought, every print you purchased, every donation you made, every Mockingbird event you attended helped improve our ability to support even more grants—more instruments, scholarships, equipment, staffing, and general support—for music programs nationwide.