We are excited to announce the election of, and honored by the addition of, a new director to the board of the Mockingbird Foundation.

Peter Skewes-Cox saw his first Phish show in 1999, right around the time he decided to give himself to science. After studying Molecular and Cell Biology as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and Bioinformatics as a graduate student at UC San Francisco, Peter joined the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research in 2011, where he now heads the Infectious Diseases Bioinformatics group. A month before starting at Novartis and after more than a decade of lurking, he created a Phish.Net account, spent a few years of inundating the setlist team with tease submisisons, and ultimately joined the Phish.Net staff in 2014. He currently works on the Jam Charts team, hosts the weekly Mystery Jam Monday contest, occasionally writes and edits blog pieces, and helps out in the forum when needed. Peter lives in his hometown of San Francisco, CA, with his wife Nancy and their three children, Peter III, Maya, and Danny.

Peter now begins a three-year term, through 2019, along with David Steinberg, Jack Lebowitz, and Marco Walsh, each re-elected to an additional three-year term.

Further details about these and other board members, both current and emeritus, is available at mbird.org/about/board.