The Mockingbird Foundation spreads a love of music wherever the jam band goes.

During the Summer of 2016, in advance of Phish’s shows in Philadelphia on June 28 & 29, The Mockingbird Foundation announced the distribution of an unsolicited $1,500 grant to the Andrew Jackson School’s music program to assist in building a new rehearsal and performance space.

It’s not often that you hear a school band belting out Red Hot Chili Peppers, but then again, the music program at Andrew Jackson is no ordinary school music program. The music classes have acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum sets and a rock band, “Home” full of music lovers. One music student referred to the band “like a family”. Chris Argerakis, who presides over this flourishing program, on only $100 per year.

Their budget is pretty much null; the resources and instruments the school has acquired over the last 4 years when Argerakis came aboard has been built out of passion, love for music, and a true dedication to what’s good for kids. Sure seems as if Home is a worthy grant recipient, does it not?

Click here to read more how Andrew Jackson’s music program is bridging the budget gap with innovation and imagination.

Here’s a NBC10 segment from 2012 about the program: