The Mockingbird Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit run by Phish fans, is now accepting Bitcoin donations to support grants in music education. If you are new to bitcoins, you can also use this referral link to create a Coinbase account, and you and the Foundation can each earn $5 in free bitcoins.

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or pay to this address: 3FSMRXC8KWTtpDx3hxK2aGLC9GWFLr1BGD

Acceptance of Bitcoin donations is the latest in the Mockingbird Foundation’s history as an early adopter of emerging technology. Borne in one of the first fan newsgroups on Usenet, and grown through one of the earliest websites and one of the first community servers, it currently manages a mammoth online community and interactive database, including an API suite and connections to various mobile platforms and other partners.

Throughout, the Mockingbird Foundation has remained an all-volunteer boot-strapped effort by Phish fans to fund music education through Phish fandom. Run entirely by volunteers, the Foundation supports music education for children by fundraising through Phish-related projects. The Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was organized by Phish fans in 1996, formally incorporated in 1997, and has since then distributed over $800,000 through 260 grants in 43 states.  Donations are tax-deductible.

The Foundation is also the leading provider of historical information about Phish and its music, having cultivated intellectual property through since 1994 and having published two editions of the popular trade paperback books The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band and Their Music. The third edition of The Phish Companion will be completed this year. The Foundation is able to disburse more than 98% of the funds raised to important and innovative programs serving diverse populations.