We join others in mourning the loss of dear friend and avid Phish fan Nicole Griffith, and present these words and pictures, provided with her family’s input and approval through a dear friend..

Our dear friend Nicole Camille Griffith (“Niki”, June 5, 1977 – December 6, 2009) passed away peacefully in her sleep during the early morning hours of December 6, 2009 due to complications from a respiratory infection. Though she only graced this earth briefly, she was able to touch the lives of many people in her 32 years. Her infectious laugh, kindness and sense of mischief always made her someone you wanted to be around.

Music, specifically Phish, played a huge roll in Niki’s life. She spent many days getting tickets and logged countless miles on her car all to get to the next show. She loved their music as it brought her pure joy. Even more than just the music, Phish gave Niki a community where she belonged. Phish provided the soundtrack to her life, and the friends she made because of the band contributed to her happiness. Over the years she played an active role in many Phishy communities including the Phunky Bitches, Phantasy Tour & The Jam Girlz. Through these groups she was able to connect with some of her closest friends who are all thankful that she touched our lives.

Niki had a sticker on her mirror which read ‘I’m not nice, I’m kynd’ and she lived up to this adage throughout her life. She had compassion for others and was always sharing her smile and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. While Niki caught a lot of tough breaks in her day, she never let it break her beautiful spirit. She wanted people to feel good, to have hope-and she always found a way to make that happen for them.

Those who love Niki ask that you continue to honor her spirit and remember her kindness by donating to the Mockingbird Foundation. We believe that Niki would have found this as the ultimate gesture of kindness. Educating children on the beauty of music and giving them sense of community through it is something we know she would have found important. Music changed her life for the better and brought her joy. We ask that you help create the joy that will changes the lives of others by making this donation her name.

Niki in CampgroundNiki is survived by her loving father Mark Griffith, mother Nancy Goforth and her sister Claire Goforth as well as her boyfriend Chris and long time feline companion, Jazzy, as well hundreds of friends all over the country.

“When we were young we thought life was a game, but then somebody leaves you and you’re never the same. All of the places and people belong to the puzzle but one of the pieces is gone and it’s you , it’s you, It’s you, Joy, it’s you.” -Phish

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