We heard a lot of chatter over the Summer about Phish possibly getting back together again next year for some shows. Although we don’t know when (or whether) Phish will ever perform again, The Mockingbird Foundation has created a PHISH REUNION FUND to help raise additional support for music education through a collective expression of anticipation and hope. We hope you will make a tax-deductible donation — in ANY amount — to get the Fund going!

The Phish Reunion Fund is maintained in an interest-bearing account, separate from other Foundation assets. It’s accumulated total (contributions plus all interest) will be distributed for the benefit of music education for children (in accordance with the Foundation’s guidelines and mission). Beneficiaries will be selected from among active inquiries as soon as it is announced that PHISH will perform one (or more) complete public show(s) as an entire band.*

In an effort to help get the PHISH REUNION FUND started, Foundation Board member Charlie Dirksen will once again be marathoning for Mockingbird. He will run the Lake Tahoe half-marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday, September 29, and he will match up to the first $500 (!) in donations to the Phish Reunion Fund. If you decide to donate, please include your “snail” mail (postal) address and note that you are donating to the Fund.

We want to emphasize that ANY AMOUNT will help, even a buck or two. Small donations add up and make a very real difference. As you probably know, unfortunately, music education programs are getting cut by schools nationwide. Such programs increasingly depend on grants from 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations like the Foundation in order to operate at all. Your support has made a difference in the past and will make a difference in the future, whether Phish gets inspired to tour again or not!*

If you wish to donate, your donation will be fully tax-deductible. You may donate by mail or on-line, including by credit card, through our web page.