Top From the Home Grown Music Network’s inaugural 2001 Home Grown Awards, announced 12/14/01:

CUSTOMER’S CHOICE – Sharin’ in the Groove: Celebrating the Music of Phish –
How appropriate that in a year that saw our country go to war, our best
selling CD of the year is one that benefits charity organizations.  Sharin’
in the Groove has already become our best-selling CD of all time.  Big
thanks to The Mockingbird Foundation for making this album possible!  Our
customers found this album irresistible, and with good reason.  The tribute’
s two discs contain interpretations of Phish songs from artists as diverse
as Lake Trout, Gordon Stone, DJ Logic, Little Feat, The Stanford Marching
Band, and The Wailers, among many others.  Also, Phish had been on hiatus
for over half of a year when the album was released.  This CD is the
undisputed pick of Kind Music fans for 2001!  The vast majority of the
proceeds from sales of Sharin’ in the Groove and The Phish Companion book
have already been dispersed to charities that benefit children’s music

Home Grown Music Network
Top 25 Albums of 2001 – Chosen by our customers and stores!

1-  Sharin’ in the Groove: Celebrating the Music of Phish
2-  Keller Williams – Loop
3-  Deep Banana Blackout – Rowdy Duty
4-  Steve Kimock Band – Live From the West Coast
5-  Yonder Mountain String Band – Mountain Tracks Vol. 1
6-  Sound Tribe Sector Nine – Offered Schematics Suggesting Peace
7-  The Slip – From the Gecko
8-  The Disco Biscuits – They Missed the Perfume
9-  Deep Banana Blackout – Live in the Thousand Islands
10- Blueground Undergrass – Barnyard Gone Wrong
11- Yonder Mountain String Band – Elevation
12- Deep Banana Blackout – Feel the Peel
13- The Recipe – Night of The Porch People
14- Lake Trout – Alone At Last
15- Percy Hill – Color in Bloom
16- The Disco Biscuits – Encephalous Crime
17- The String Cheese Incident – Outside Inside
18- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – self-titled
19- Keller Williams – Breathe
20- Yonder Mountain String Band – Town by Town
21- Pickin’ on Widespread Panic: A Bluegrass Tribute
22- Sound Tribe Sector Nine – Interplanetary Escape Vehicle
23- The Recipe – Geode
24- Widespread Panic – Don’t Tell The Band
25- Moon Boot Lover – Back On Earth