ICE MAGAZINE, July 2001,, “Ice Cubes”

The Mockingbird Foundation, the non-profit Phish organization maintained by fans, unleashes a double-disc tribute album for the group on June 26. Entitled Sharing in the Groove, the impressive track list includes “Bouncing Around the Room” (Arlo Guthrie and Xavier), “Gumbo” (Jimmy Buffett), “Alumni Blues” (Hot Tuna), “Waste” (Dave Mathews), “Sample in a Jar” (Little Feat), “Sand” (Tom Tom Club), “Cars Trucks Busses” (Project Logic and John Scofield), “Axilla (Part II)” (Preston School of Indistry, featuring former members of Pavement) and “Chalkdust Torture” (Los Villains, anchored by Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo and Louis Perez).