Acknowledgments for The Phish Companion

From the moment this project began, we hoped that hundreds of fans, both on and off the Internet, would contribute to this project and know that they helped create a fan-based book that will benefit worthy charities and further spread the word about the band that we all love. Our expectations were more than exceeded, and we were not fully prepared for the outpouring of support, ideas, and contributions, which ultimately came in some form from literally thousands of fans. Although a core group of names contributed in many areas, there are over 1,400 individual contributors acknowledged here (after accouting for all repititions. We have attempted to thank and acknowledge as many as possible, where explicit contributions have been enumerable and noted. We have likely forgotten some names, either because their contributions were less concrete or because our tracking of contributions has been incomplete. Both failures are bound to have occurred in a four-year process directly involving hundreds in the production of a single book, and so we add apology to the following acknowledgements.

We of course appreciate the band, for their many years of practice, performance, and more. We also appreciate Phish’s management company, Dionysian Productions, both for doing what they do to keep Phish going, and for their cooperation and support in our own endeavor. They were contacted about this project early on and expressed enthusiasm about the idea of a fan-produced work for the benefit of charities, and we have much appreciated (and benefited by) their help and support. We continue to keep Dionysian abreast of project developments, and will continue to work passionately for the benefit of charities, and in celebration of Phish, their music, and the fan community. A special note of gratitude is reserved for Kevin Shapiro, Phishs Archivist, for his inestimable assistance in setlist corrections and verification. We have also benefited greatly from the input and support of Tom Marshall, Dave and Luann Abrahams, John Paluska, Jason Colton, and Beth Montuori, and to Shelly Culbertson for originating documentation of Phish setlists through the original Helping Phriendly Book and for the spirit in which she did so.

The project owes its origin to the interest and dedication of Craig DeLucia, and a great deal of thanks to Craig as well as Mark Toscano, Charlie Dirksen, and Ellis Godard. We would also like to thank those other founding members of this project who, while no longer active in the administrivia of board activities, have always been and continue to be part of the productive and moral fabric that has helped ensure our success, including Dave Donohue, Charles Franz, Herschel Gelman, Eddie Dinel, Joe Rioux, and John Wood. We are indebted to our literary agent Christian Crumlish for his thoroughness in connecting the vision of those founders with the commitment of a publisher, as well as to Jeffrey Kahn and Miller Freeman for backing our vision with both expertise and enthusiasm.

We are deeply indebted to those contributors who, at one time or another, served as chapter editors and brought together the wide array of contributions received, or who made significant contributions of their own towards producing a cohesive set of chapters: Craig DeLucia, Charlie Dirksen, Charles Franz, Herschel Gelman, Chris Glushko, Jeremy Goodwin, Kim Hannula, Jack Lebowitz, Jim Raras, Dan Seideman, David Steinberg, Mark Toscano, and Tim Wade.

In particular, we are indebted to Kevin Shapiro, Phish’s archivist, for his help in verification and compilation, and to the original Setlist Working Group initially, Craig DeLucia, Charlie Dirksen, Benjy Eisen, Charles Franz, Herschel Gelman, Phil Nazzaro, Dan Purcell, Jim Raras, Dan Seideman, and Darius Zelkha for their tireless dedication, which has produced a document with hundreds of new shows and thousands of additional corrections over any previous setlist collection.

The Setlist Working Group was primarily assisted by Aaron Rosenthal, Billy Rickards, Bradley Lonard, Chris Bertolet, Chris Glushko, Christian McKee, Dan Hantman, Dan Mielcarz, David Shulman, Ellis Godard, Erik Swain, Grant Calof, Jeremy David Goodwin, Jeremy Welsh, Jesse Appelman, Julia Mordaunt, Kate Holloway, Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski, Marc Toscano, Martin Acaster, Mike Preston, Phillip Zerbo, Saul Wertheimer, Scott Hershkowitz, Syd Schwartz, Tim Wade, and Yance Davis. This group is primarily responsible for compiling the information in the setlists section of this book, as their output bears almost no resemblance to the document Charlie had originally given them. The final output you see before you, though, would not have been possible without the hard work of many fans. Deserving special mention are Craig, Charlie, Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro, Ellis, Dan Purcell, Dan Hantman, and Keith McCrary. We’d like to thank Dean as well, for all of his advice and knowledge, especially in the early days of the project. Also, Charles Franzs role as a dedicated proofreader of the file was invaluable to the accuracy of this chapter.

For assisting the Setlist Working Group and their auxiliaries in this mammoth effort by sharing and reviewing tapes, contributing data, and engaging in lengthy discussions about accuracy and notation, we also want to thank Aaron Brandewie, Aaron Rosenthal, Adam Roberts, Adam Rosenberg, Aldo Torre, Allison Tuthill, Amanda Henry, Andy Puckett, Benji Eisen, Billy Rickards, Bradley Lonard, Brent Cusher, Brian Hayle, Brian Levine, Brian Lipman, Butch Weiss, Carl Distefano, Chad Fagin, Charles Franz, Charlie Dirksen, Chris Barnes, Chris Bertolet, Chris Cottagio, Chris Fischer, Chris Glushko, Christian McKee, Christopher R. Bingham, Clay Ellwood, Craig DeLucia, Creg Bradley, Curtis Monroe, Dan Hantman, Dan Hobbs, Dan Purcell, Dan Mittag, Dan Seideman, Dan Shupack, Daniel Ritchey, Darius Zelkha, Dave Donohue, Dave Kennedy, Dave Mangini, Dave OHara, David Anderson, David Goodwin, David Shulman, David Steinberg, Dean Budnick, Dennis Kelley, Duffy, Ellis Godard, Eric Oberbroeckling, Eric Salmassy, Erik Janus, Erika Hokanson, Evan Romano, Forrest Tinsley, Franklin C. Malemud, Geoff Gardner, Greg Ehle, Herschel Gelman, Ian Cummings, Jagjit Chadha, Jakim Duckstein, Jason Buc, Jeremy Birchman, Jess Habansky, Jesse Appelman, Jesse Darlington, Jesse Jarnow, Jim Doherty, Jim Raras Jr, Joe Rioux, John Procopio, Jonathan D. Price, Jonathan Krall, Joseph DiLiberto, John Davis, Josh Zelkowitz, J.R. Trimpe, Julia Mordaunt, Karen Neuhaus, Katie Holloway, Kevin Larsen, Kevin Shapiro, Kim Hannula, Kit Tincher, Leo Kotas, Mark Toscano, Marcus Pearson, Mark Regopoulos, Martin Acaster, Matt Monaco, Matt Myers, Matthew Bourland, Matthew King, Mehool Patel, Michael Batta, Michael Gouker, Michael R. Isenbek, Mike Kriz, Mike Lerman, Mike O Dea, Mike Pelczarski, Mike Preston, Nick Johnston, Patrick Forsland, Paul Chung, Paul Jones, Pete Gershon, Peter Bierman, Phil Nazzaro, Phillip Zerbo, Rebecca Morin, Reilly Brennan, Ric Dean, Rich Steele, Rich Vining, Richard Plumb, Rob Clay, Robert, Ryan Creasey, Ryan Stroud, Saul Wertheimer, Scott Silton, Shawn Wiley, Simon Cohn, Steve Dolley, Steve Logan, Steven Drebber, Syd Schwartz, Ted Kartzman, Tim Wade, Timothy Gibson, Todd Hartgrove, Tom Bailey, Vincent Isaia, and Yance Davis.

Other fans who assisted with setlists in varying degrees include David Anderson, Jure Babnik, Tom Bailey, Chris Barnes, Chris Stebbins, Michael Batta, Peter Bierman, Christopher R. Bingham, Jeremy Birchman, Greg Bocquet, William Bond, Matthew Bourland, Aaron Brandewie, Reilly Brennan, Matt Brukman, Todd Cadorette, Jagjit Chadha, Paul Chung, Jeremy Clark, Rob Clay, Jake Cohen, Michael Cohen, Chris Cottagio, Ryan Creasey, Ian Cummings, Brent Cusher, Jesse Darlington, John Davis, Ric Dean, Joseph DiLiberto, Carl Distefano, Steve Dolley, Dave Donohue, Steven Drebber, Jakim Duckstein, Geoffrey Ecker, Greg Ehle, Clay Ellwood, Chad Fagin, Brian Feller, Cory Ferber, Chris Fischer, Patrick Forsland, Ross Freeman, Geoff Gardner, Richard Garvey, Pete Gershon, Timothy Gibson, Alek Grabinski, Mike Greenhaus, Erika Gruenberg, Steve Hamm, Tim Halloran, Todd Hartgrove, Brian Hayle, Jess Habansky, Amanda Henry, Erika Hokanson, Vincent Isaia, Michael R. Isenbek, Paul Jakus, Erik Janus, Jesse Jarnow, Nick Johnston, Ted Kartzman, Dan Kass, Dennis Kelley, Kolin Kelly, Leo Kotas, Szabe Kovacs, Mike Kriz, Kevin Larsen, Jim Larson, Brian Levine, Brian Lipman, Steve Logan, Mark Lynn, Franklin C. Malemud, Dave Mangini, Alfred Millikan, Matt Monaco, Curtis Monroe, Matt Myers, Ivan Nestlerode, Karen Neuhaus, Mike Niven, Mike ODea, Dave OHara, Eric Oberbroeckling, Shojiro Osawa, David Paisley, Mike Papaleo, Lance Parauka, Mike Pelczarski, Marcus Pearson, Tyler Penn, Jonathan D. Price, John Procopio, Andy Puckett, Mark Regopoulos, Christian Remington, Joe Rioux, Daniel Ritchey, Adam Roberts, Jens Rodenberg, Evan Romano, Adam Rosenberg, Mike Rowe, Eric Salmassy, Gordon Sharpless, Dan Shupack, Scott Silton, Jason Sobel, Rich Steele, David Steinberg, Jim Switzer, Kit Tincher, Forrest Tinsley, Aldo Torre, Paul Vercoe, Rich Vining, Butch Weiss, Aaron Westendorf, Shawn Wiley, Rob Winkler, Mike Witt, John Zei, and Josh Zelkowitz.

For help in compiling and verifying the master list of available soundboards, a mammoth effort which Phil Nazzaro continues to direct, now incorporated into the Tape Notes tables, thanks to Adam Eakins, Andrew Harrison, Andrew Rakow, Bill Hance, Blair K. Willis, Bob Haas, Brendan Komala, Brett Parnes, Brian Hayle, Brian Walsh, Bryan Foley, Chris Klebl, Chris Tweedy, Clay Ellwood, Cobee (single name okay), Craig Hillwig, Dan Haugh, Dave Donohue, David Horowitz, Dennis Ruggeri, Diana Hamilton, Dirk Cota, Eric Vandercar, Eric Angel, Eric Burns, Eric Doherty, Forrest Tinsley, Fred Sweet, George Carson, Greg Bradley, Hano Bunjes, Jamie Lutch, Jeff Kemp, Jesse Jarnow, John Garrity, John Isham, John Ishaq, John Joyce, John Procopio, Jonathan Rozes, Joshua Devins, Joshua Zelkowitz, Kenji Yamaguchi, Lenny Stubbe, Mark Powers, Mark Walsh, Matt Judd, Melissa Agar, Michael O’Dea, Michael Perrott, Mike Pfeil, Mike Weitman, Nick Gorevic, Noelle LaMorgese, P. Marshall, Paul Jones, Phil Fernandez, Randy Ward, Rob Clay, Rob Garland, Robbie Dunn, Scott Morrison, Sean Yockus, Shane Neff, Shane O’Reilly, Steve Chiaramonte, Steve Leonard, Steven Tobani, Terry Weadock, Tim Danielson, Tim Kreytak, Tim Stritmaper, Trent Blomquist, Will Herrmann, Yance Davis, and, of course, Phil Nazzaro.

For help in documenting and verifying other Tape Notes information, Aaron Fogg, Aaron Rosenthal, Adam Detsky, Andrew Becherer, Andrew Bump, Andrew Hall, Andrew McAuliffe, Ben Greenfield, Bo Palmer, Brad Nahill, Brian Burns, Brian Gore, Brian Gore, Brian Levine, Brian Palmer, Brian Wagner, Cary Chapnick, Charlie Franz, Chris Giorgi, Chris Glushko, Chris Mahovlich, Clay Redmond, Corey Kamerman, Dan Hantman, Dan Mittag, Dan Shupack, Daniel Gold, Darian Johnston, Dave Kieval, Dave Striepe, Eddie Dunn, Eric Ward, Evan Myers, Geof Koss, Geoff Gardner, Geoff Grant, Glenn Goldstein, Greg Dutton, Greg Schwartz, Ian Harbilas, Jack Riley, Jagjit Chadha, Jamie Jollie, Jamil Muasher, Jason Back, Jason Powers, Jeff Bigham, Jeff Farrow, Jeff Wieczorek, Jeffrey Palmer, Jeremy Welsh, Jerry Iannucci, John Florek, Jon Carrico, Josh Carver, Jure Babnik, Keith McCrary, Ken Wilson, Laurence Birdsey, Lukas Karlsson, Marcus Pearson, Mark Decker, Mark Wallace, Matt Cardullo, Matt Hemlepp, Matt Mazzuckelli, Matthew Kresge, Melissa Agar, Michael Batta, Mike Lerman, Mitchell Kalmar, Phil Nazzaro, Rob Sharron, Scott Sandler, Scott Silton, Sean Pennefather, Spencer Young, Stephen Rogers, Steve Cole, Steven Cohen, Steven M. Paolini, Taylor Franklin, Tim Sullivan, Todd Puckett, Tom Bloch, Tom Fitzgerald, and Wolfgang Norton. For help with the Band Chronology, thanks to Tim Wade, Kim Hannula, and Tom Marshall, Kevin Shaprio, Mark Toscano, Jason Colton, Shelly Culbertson, and Luann Abrahams.

For help with interviews, in addition to the interview subjects themselves, thanks to Dan Hantman, Benji Eisen, Chris Bertolet, Craig DeLucia, Rob Boyle, Syd Schwartz, and Chris Glushko for coming up with questions. For help in writing and verifying song histories, Aaron Rosenthal, Aaron Senegal, Ashley and Travis Willwerth, Becky Bird, Becky Morin, Bill Beach, Billy Rickards, Brad Davis, Bradley Lonard, Bryan Rodgers, Charles Franz, Charlie Dirksen, Chris Bertolet, Chris Glushko, Christian McKee, Craig DeLucia, Dan Hantman, Dan Nooter, Dan Purcell, Dan Seideman, Daniel Mielcarz, Danielle Fodor, Dave Abrahams, Dave Manier, Dave McCallum, David Shulman, David Steinberg, Dead, Dean Budnick, Dusty from Antelope, Ellis Godard, Emilie DeClerck, Eric Angel, Eric Isaacson, Erik Swain, Grant Calof, Herschel Gelman, Jake Williams, Jamie Treworthy, Jason McEwan, Jef Samp, Jen Marshall, Jeremy Goodwin, Jeremy Welsh, Jesse Appelman, Joseph Stanko, Josh Miller, Julie Wright, Justin Garcia, Justin Vaccaro, Katie Holloway, Keren Albala, Kevin Shapiro, Kim Hannula, Marcie Vogel, Mark Shapiro, Mark Toscano, Martha Hunt, Martin Acaster, Matt King, Minderella, Neal Grigsby, Nikki Rhoe, Phil Nazzaro, Phillip Zerbo, Saul Dude, Syd Schwartz, The Jackleens, Tom Marshall, Tri Le, Troy Colner, Yance Davis, Clay Hine, Chris Over, Jon Schroeder, Mark Pantoja, Tom Barr, SEPBQSA, and to any other song historians not named here.

For help with the Jamming Tune Summary Charts: Allison Tuthill, Benjy Eisen, Billy Rickards, Charles Franz, Christian McKee, Creg Bradley, Dan Mittag, Dave Kennedy, David Shulman, Duffy, Herschel Gelman, Jared Proctor, Jason Buc, Jason Hawkins, Jason Rose, Jeff Leiker, Jeremy Goodwin, Jesse Appelman, Jesse Appelman, Jonathan Krall, John Davis, Kim Hannula, Lance Paruka, Marcus Pearson, Mark Regopolous, Marty Acaster, Matt O’Malley, Michael Batta, Mike Lerman, Mike Preston, Phillip Zerbo, Richard Plumb, Rob Kallick, Robert, Ryan Stroud, Saul Wertheimer, Scott Hershkowitz, Shawn Wiley, Simon Cohn, Syd Schwartz, and Tim Wade.

For help writing the guestbook, thanks to Aaron Rosenthal, Benji Eisen, Charlie Dirksen, Christian McKee, Dean Budnick, Ellis Godard, Jeremy Welsh, Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski, Mark Lynn, Matt King, Michael Preston, and Fred for their submissions. Additionally, thanks to Geoff Ecker, who had been maintaining a summary of guest information that served as a basis for parts of this chapter.

For help in compiling and verifying the Sideshows material, thanks to Adam Kurth, Alex Oliver, Andy Goodman, Anthony Cotton, Benjy Eisen, Carl Walter, Christian A. Binder, Christian McKee, Clay Ellwood, Craig DeLucia, Dan Mielcarz, Donald Glasgo, Ellis Godard, Eric Conko, Erin McKeon, Franklin C. Malemud, Jeffrey Trisoliere, Jessee Jarnow, Jimmy T., John B. Dilly, John Fingland, John J. Wood, Jon Smith, Joseph Sirotnak, Kristen Godard, Marcie Vogel, Matt Steve, Matthew King, Michael A. O’Dea, Nick Johnston, Patrick D. Burke, Phil Nazzaro, Rob Hillard, Robert G. Johnson, and Troy Colyer. For help with Venue Information, thanks to Aaron Soriero, Adam Cox, Andrew Kaplan, Andy Adelwitz, Brian Conner, Casey Logan, Charlie Dirksen, Dan Nooter, Dan Meilcarz, Dan Seideman, Darryn Marcus, David Steinberg, Ed Peterson, Jay Young, Jeff Casale, Jen Marshall, Jeremy Barry, Mark Toscano, Matt Heller, Michael Bosold, Mike, Sara York, Stewart Buttersfield, Tim Allison, Tim Todd, and Timothy Miciotto, Jr.

For assistance with the discography, thanks to Daniel Mielcarz, Hal Waterman, Harry Childers, Julia Mordaunt, Kevin Shapiro, Mark Goldberg, Mark Hutschison, Mark Toscano, Matthew Cramer, Nick Johnston, Scott Weiser, Syd Schwartz, Tom Costello, and Tom Walters.

For dictionary entries, suggestions, and corrections, including those submitted to the Phish.Net FAQ file, thanks to Abdul Rhajad, Adam Schneider, Adam Suritz, Alex Harrington, Alex Mack, Alex Rose, Amanda Henry, Andrew Goldblatt, Andrew Kimball, Andrew Mount, Andy Gadiel, Bob Aderhold, Brandon Greenberg, Brian Gearing, Cass Blacksbear, Charlie Dirksen, Charlie Gubman, Charlz Franz, Chris Bertolet, Chris Thiede, Christ Intagliata, Chuck Doyel, Corey Ferber, Cory Phillips, Craig DeLucia, Dan Correll, Dan Hobbs, Dan Meilcarz, Dan Purcell, Dave Bulkin, Dave Herrnecklace, Dave Kieval, David Crane, David Johnston, David Shulman, Diana Hamilton, Diane Weitfle, Dirk Taylor, Ellen Rose Hollidge, Emanuel David Moss , Eric Stiens, Erica Swain, Erik Pederson, Gareth Hughes, Gary Comley, Gary Lerhaupt, Jason Espie, Jason Musante, Jason Weiss, Jay Lewis, Jeff Katz, Jeff Williams, Jen Marshall, Jeremy Battaglia, Jeremy Birchman, Jeremy Goodwin, Jesse Alderman, Jim Busse, Joe Boncek, Joe Chisholm, Joe Woltering, John Farrell, John Fennessy, John Keller, John Seidenspinner, John Seitz, Jonathan Pron, Josh Pashman, Julia Mordaunt, Kat Lebowitz, Keith Bergstrom, Kellie Olenick, Kelly Baines, Kelly Morris, Kevin Little, Lance Reed, Lattimer, Lisa Hunt, Louis Arzonico, Lu J Khachigian, Marco Walsh, Mark Decker, Mark Huisman, Mark Toscano, Marty Acaster, Matt Dan, Matt Nelson, Michael Vickers , Mike D. Kraft, Mike Greenhaus, Mike Hanley, Mike Kleinhaus, Mike Pelletier, Mike Reading, Mike Schultheisz, Mike Tarkanian, Milo Campo, Patel Mehool, Paul Levy, Paul Roth, Paul Sinusas, Phil Nazarro, Phillip Zerbo, Richard Otto, Richard Schadle, Richard Slater, Rob Barrett, Rob Selover, Robert Buysse, Robert Groves, Ron Broman, Russ Barnett, Russelle Suszanne Snyder, Ryan Barone, Sandra Carpenter, Sara Morrison, Scott Caffrey, Scott Carter-Eldred, Scott Eidam, Scott OBrien, Steve Cunningham, Steve Gibbs, Syd Schwartz, Tara Fowler, Thomas Patrick Perona, Tim Gerland, Todd Ellebrachy, Tom Selegue, Travis Spurley, Troy Young, and Yance Davis.

For image (photography and artwork) coordination, thanks to Jack Lebowitz and Kat Griffin; for submissions, permissions, and assistance, thanks to Phish Archives and Dionysian Productions, as well as Aaron Boros, Aaron Hawley, Annie Plitz, Arjuna Sunderam, Bill Yudichak, Brian Porter, Brian Turnerb, Casey Leonard, Charlie Dirksen, Chris diLeo, Chris Guthrie, Chris Mullinax, Clare Grill, Craig Judkins, Dan Bond, Daniel Serge Chorba, Dave dello Russo, Dave Karpman, Dave Leonelli, Dave Levin, David Steinberg, Denise Elliot, Derek Finbolt, Don Bruce, Elise Ryerson, Eric Angel, Eric Venezia, Forrest Reda, Greg Ehle, Heather Townsend, Heidi Mann, Holly Daniels, James Mahan, Jason Stuffle, Jay Young, Jeremy Little, Jim Francis, Jim Raras, Joby Semmler, Joe Rioux, John Davis, John Paluska, Jon Mantell, Jure Babnik, Kat Griffin, Kevin Pole, Kevin Shapiro, Kim Hannula, Kristen Godard, Liz Karpman, Liz Kittleman, Marco Walsh, Mark Jensen, Mark Majewski, Matt Scellen, Michael Cohen, Michael Collins, Michael Haecker, Mike Brez, Mike McNamara, Mike Rowe, Nathan Hale, Ned Beebe, Olaf Nelson, Pete Sitzman, Peach Friedman, Randy Ward, Roberto Santana, Scott Harris, Scott Hun, and Steve Drebber.

Word of mouth about this book would not have spread as rapidly, or as extensively, without the assistance of those who designed Mockingbird Flyers Damian Powers, Dan Hantman, Darius Zelkha, Ellis Godard, Marcie Vogel, and Mila Currier to those who reproduced the Flyers at their own cost Darius Zelkha, Jim Raras, Jack Lebowitz, Kathleen Griffin, Lizbeth Trebour Karpman, Marcie Vogel, Mike Witt, Mila Currier, Ross Dunkel, and Scott Boyarksy and to those who distributed Mockingbird flyers and magnets to fans, outside Phish shows and elsewhere Andrew Hitz, Annie Lebowitz, Beatriz Walsh, Benji Eisen, Brian Lipman, Charlie Dirksen, Charles Franz, Chris Charapata, Craig DeLucia, Dave Donohue, Dan Hantman, Darius Zelkha, David Shulman, David Steinberg, Doug Loeb, Edo Mor, Elise Ryerson, Gavin Lebowitz, Hassan Wahid, Heather McLaughlin, Heidi Mann, Jack Lebowitz, Jeremy Birchman, Jeremy Welsh, Jesse Applebaum, Jim Raras, Kathleen Griffin, Kerry McDonough, Laura Boyarsky, Karne Venini, Kristen Godard, Marcie Vogel, Mark Goldberg, Mark Toscano, Mark Walsh, Martin Acaster, Mike Hayes, Mike Witt, Mila Currier, Noah Cole, Peter Bierman, Phil Nazarro, Rick Friedman, Robert Johnson, Ross Dunkel, Scott Boyarsky, Scott Hershkowitz, Sherry Moran, and Yance Davis.

We also extend thanks and appreciation to Dan Hantman, for his professional management of our web site (; to Noah Cole, for his help and expertise in drafting press releases and in advising us on media relations; to Eddie Dinel and Brian Fisk, who helped establish and continue to help maintain the online communications without which this project could not have occurred; to Marcie Vogel and Jeremy Goodwin, for managing the deluge of email contributions and suggestions (send more, to [email protected]); to Lee Silverman, who provided professional guidance, moral and financial support, and content recommendations in the early stages of the project; to Theresa M. Skaine, for vetting and work to form the foundation and begin the formal structure; to Tammy Sullivan for clerical support, typing, and morale; Leon David Bass, for advice and support; and to David Rioux, Joe Rioux, and Eileen Cope for early and helpful publishing advice.

We extend a special, heartfelt thanks to the staff of Miller Freeman (now Backbeat) Books, in particular: sales manager Jay Kahn, editorial development manager Dorothy Cox, and marketing communications manager Nina Lesowitz.

Also, a special thanks goes out to graphic artist Heather Hanly for designing the Mockingbird Foundation logo, which you’ll find gracing our products, website, and paperwork for years to come.

For the suggestion of nearly 150 titles, we thank the creative minds of Noah Andrews, Dean Budnick, Chris Camp, Michael Carney, Jimmy Cartwright, Mike Caspar, Charlie Dirksen, Andy Gadiel, Charles Franz, Matt Grillo, Bill Marconi, Benjamin Gardner, Kathleen Griffin, Dan Hantman, Terance Kishiyama , Jack Lebowitz , Martin Berlett, Mike Motey, Scott Rill, Alex Rose, Aaron Rosenthal, Chris Smith, Greg Starks, Eric Stiens, Phil Nazzaro, Craig DeLucia, Mark Toscano, Kristen Godard, Jon Weber, and Dionysian. For other content suggestions and assistance, from participation in our public votes to helpful advice to submissions not otherwise acknowledged, we are indebted to thousands more, of whom we are able to name Aaron Aftergood, Aaron Baraff, Aaron Bauman, Aaron Erpel, Aaron Fogg, Aaron Leeder, Aaron Nevins, Aaron Rosenthal, Aaron Tuleja, Adam Dickson, Adam Joshua Schneider, Adam Kessler, Adam Marcinek, Adam Roosevelt, Adam Rosen, Adam Shiffman, Adam Siegartel, Adam Silverman, Adam Smith, Adi Gelem, Agatha Littlewart, Al Maskeroni, Alan Bunder, Aldo Torre, Alek Grabinski, Alex Bilowitz, Alex Juren, Alex Levicki, Alex Pearson, Alex Rose, Alex Uram, Allan Smith, Allison Minter, Amanda Deneca, Amanda Holzwarth, Amanda Panetta, Amy Allen, Andre Terhorst, Andrea Meyer, Andrew Bransford, Andrew C., Andrew Danch, Andrew Epstein, Andrew Hitz, Andrew Sell, Andrew Tritz, Andrew Van Alstyne, Andrew Zanghi, Andy Gadiel, Andy Gadiel, Andy Myatt, Andy Shields, Andy Shonebarger, Andy Ughetta, Angelo Fernandez, Anna Clayton Logan, Ansel Freniere, Anthony Ludwig, Anthony Fappiano, Anthony Fecteau, Anthony Michal, Ara J. Crittenden, Autumn Pifer, Bart Basile, Barton Hodges, Ben Foster, Ben Jacobs, Ben Mann, Ben Skirvin, Ben Skoglund, Ben Spidahl, Ben Whitlock, Benjamin Gardner, Beth Kendall, Beth Montuori, Beth Wysong, Bill Beach, Bill Luke, Bill Marconi, Bill McCafferty, Bill Sharpe, Bill Small, Bill Striejewske, Bill Webster, Bob Miromonti, Bob Weaver, Brad Thacker, Bradley T. Falk, Branden Butler, Brandon Boone, Brandon Sloane, Brandon Stanfill, Brandon Waloff, Brandyn Bowden, Branham Ware, Brendan Reilly, Brendan Smyth, Brent Housteau, Brent Kauffman, Brent Lacy, Brent Macdonald, Bret Andrea, Brett Buffington, Brett Mathany, Brian Altman, Brian Bordage, Brian Davidson, Brian Fisk, Brian Gershey, Brian Gutmann, Brian Hayle, Brian Hensley, Brian Kelly, Brian Lipman, Brian Messineo, Brian Muise, Brian O’Connor, Brian O’Toole, Brian Palmer, Brian Pleban, Brian Roets, Brian Smith, Brien Christesen, Brooke Pitman, Brooks Williams, Bruce Carlin, Bruce Norbeck, Bruce Sither, Bruce Usry, Bryan Chambers, Bryan Gauvin, Bryan Weiss, Bryan Wilk, C. Purdie, C. Whitehead, Cailleen Louth, Callip Hall, Cameron Garrison, Carrie Schonaerts, Casey Allred, Chad (Mike Gordons unknown cousin), Chad Krisel, Chad Peterson, Chapman Wakefield, Charles W. Craven Jr., Charlie Burkett, Charlie Dirksen, Charlie Gubman, Charlie K., Charlie Weaver, Charlz Franz, Charney Cale, Chelle Patterson, Chett Bland, Chris Bertolet, Chris Bracken, Chris Camp, Chris Coyier, Chris Delmonico, Chris Drabandt, Chris Ford, Chris Francescani, Chris Giorgi, Chris Gosey, Chris Johnston, Chris Kellermeyer, Chris Kilgallon, Chris Kula, Chris Lott, Chris O’Donnell, Chris Paulson, Chris Plummer, Chris Pullen, Chris Reisetter, Chris Sahl, Chris Shea, Chris Skinkle, Chris Smith, Chris Stebbins, Chris Sullivan, Chris Taylor, Chris Waterman, Christian Campagna, Christian Landes, Christian Vise, Christine Doll, Christopher Cassata, Christopher Tank, Clay, Clay Redmond, Colby Jensen, Colin Gowland, Colin Protch, Connor O’Malley, Coralyn Brazee, Cory Biggerstaff, Cory Ferber, Cory Tressler, Craig Blean, Craig Judkins, Craig Vinecombe, Cristina Arcuri, Damian Powers, Dan Alford, Dan Alford, Dan Auble, Dan Calderaro, Dan Egan, Dan Hantman, Dan Hobbs, Dan Kaiser, Dan Laves, Dan Mittag, Dan Murray, Dan Nooter, Dan Purcell, Dan Schar, Dan Shapiro, Dan Simons, Dan Smith, Dan Tepper, Dan Tompkins, Dan Treharne, DanDeBeer, Daniel Cohen, Daniel Hinojosa, Daniel Van Liere, Danielle Zahn, Danin Little, Darrell Crick, Darus Zahm, Dave Angus Blackwood, Dave Bristol, Dave Broering, Dave Gould, Dave Herrmann, Dave Keller, Dave Kieval, Dave Levin, Dave Lundgren, Dave Madden, Dave McCabe, Dave McGuriman, Dave Olson, Dave Reese, Dave Saslowsky, Dave Striepe, Dave Striepe, Dave Willard, Davey Jones, David Clement, David Etelson, David Kane, David Laramie, David Mazza, David Olsen-Fabian, David Paisley, David Riemenschneider, David Rugh, David Steinberg, David Stritch, David Thomas, David Waxman, Dean Budnick, Deanne Herman, Denis Dasilva, Dennis Moore, Derall Riley, Derek Brown, Derek Niedermayer, Diana Ladd, Dickson Corbett, Don Bruce, Don Davies, Dorothy Henderson, Doug Budzak, Doug Fox, Doug Olsen, Douglas Fleischmann, Dovie Spitz, Dred Folly, Drew Story, E. 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This book includes no narrative history of the band, in deference to the official The Phish Book. We acknowledge Dean Budnick for The Phishing Manual, the maiden contribution of Phish history in book form; and Andy Bernstein, Brain Chasnoff, and Locke Steel for the Pharmer’s Almanac, which has served fans wanting a printed resource, and which has documented the scene and other aspects ancillary to the band and their music. We have been repeatedly impressed by the journalism of Richard Gehr and Paul Robicheau, who treat Phish and their music with a seriousness lacking in typical coverage, and we are increasingly pleased by the ability of other journalists to discern something special behind the deceiving veil of familiar patterns, symbols, and behaviors.

Above all, and on behalf of all of the contributors to the book as well as the beneficiaries of the charitable proceeds, we thank you the reader, and look forward to your reactions.

With sincerity and hope,
The Board of Directors of the Mockingbird Foundation