The Board of the Mockingbird Foundation will make a one-time grant of $2000 to the Netspace Foundation for transitional and development expenses. This amount represents approximately two months of the estimated costs incurred by Netspace accounts and traffic. Those costs are temporarily absorbed by a generous supporter but will soon be absorbed by the Netspace Foundation through a rate structure now being finalized.

This grant is intended to help ensure a smooth transition between Netspace’s current status and such time as the project again has sufficient cashflow, whenever that transition begins. In addition to operational costs during a transition, any portion of the grant may be used to cover costs in developing the Netspace Foundation such as those incurred by incorporation, 501c3 filings, and similiar administrative needs. Beyond transition and development costs, the remainder of the grant will serve as an emergency fund or in some similar manner to best advance and protect the interests of the Netspace Foundation and the presence of Netspace.

The Mockingbird Foundation, and the members of its Board, are excited and honored to have witnessed Netspace’s development from an idea to a service project to a nonprofit foundation. Both foundations look forward to the continued success of Netspace, and to many years of synergy between the two.

The Mockingbird Foundation was founded as an all-volunteer organization in 1997 by fans of the band Phish. Its members have released The Phish Companion, a 928-book about the band and its music, and are preparing for the release of Sharin’ in the Groove, a double-disc tribute album. The Foundation’s net proceeds go to charity, supporting music education for children.

The Netspace Foundation was founded as an all-volunteer organization in 2001 in order to transition the Netspace Project from a Brown Univeristy student group to an independent nonprofit. The Netspace Project is a cooperative effort to provide webspace and mailing list support to nonprofit groups, including collectives of fans of young improvisational bands.