The Mockingbird Foundation today released more details about its forthcoming all-for-charity Phish cover album, Sharin’ in the Groove. The album was credited to the generous support of the many artists, managers, producers, engineers, studios, writers, designers, and others who participated without any compensation. Neither the artists nor Foundation volunteers will profit, and many of the artists absorbed significant expenses in their search to perfect their covers.

Final preparations are being provided by generous New Yorkers. The release will be mastered by Gene Paul, Les’ son and chief engineer at DB Plus. Liner notes will be written by noted music writer, and author of The Phish Book, Richard Gehr. Graphic design and layout for the liner booklet are being provided by Chris Kornmann, a freelance graphic designer who has worked with Verve, Sony, Tommy Boy, and others. The cover was designed by Chris with photographs taken at Phish shows by Pete Sitzman.

Engineers and studios who have provided gratis services include (counter-clockwise from the West) Melvin Seals and Seals Studio, San Francisco, CA; Bruce Bennett and Exocet Studios, Atlanta, GA; Steve Schwartzberg in Atlanta, GA; Jeff Thomas and Ryan Nichols in Charlottesville VA; Steve Wright and Wright Way Studio, Baltimore, MD; Mark Richardson and TMF Studios, New York, NY; Doug Mckean and Clubhouse Music Studio, Westport, CT; Greg Steele and Derek Studios, Dalton, MA; and Chuck Eller and Troy Peters, Charlotte, VT.

All of these services are being provided to the project gratis, as are those of the artists, including Arlo Guthrie, Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews, the Wailers, Project Logic, John Scofield, and Tom Tom Club. The Mockingbird Foundation takes this advance opportunity to extend thanks to each of our collaborators on this project. The complete artist list will be announced May 10th. The playlist was announced April 20th. Preorders will be taken later this month.

The Mockingbird Foundation was incorporated by Phish fans in 1997 as an all-volunteer effort with no salaries, office, or paid staff. Its first project was a 928-page book, The Phish Companion, which has already generated thousands of dollars for charity. The first $10,500 was disbursed last month, and the next disbursements will be in July. Sharing in the Groove, the Phish tribute album, will be released within the next two months. All of the Foundation’s net royalties from both projects are donated to music education for children.