The Mockingbird Foundation joins with the American Music Conference (AMC) in its twenty-seventh annual celebration of March as Music in Our Schools Month. Events will take place nationwide throughout the month. We encourage you to celebrate in your own area, and in your own way.

On March 14th and 15th, the AMC, the National Association of Music Manufacturers, the Music Educators National Conference, and VH1 Save the Music will converge in Washington, D.C., for a press conference, congressional meetings, a National School Board Association task force meeting, and other events. We encourage you to pay attention to these events, and to attend these or related events in your area.

The Mockingbird Foundation made a small contribution to the AMC last fall, becoming a dues-paying member, and anticipates additional contributions in the future. We encourage Phish fans to make their own contributions to that or similar organizations working to preserve and enhance music education for children.

The Mockingbird Foundation was incorporated by Phish fans in 1997. The all-volunteer organization generates income from The Phish Companion, a 928-page book about the Vermont rock band, and the forthcoming double-CD charity cover album Sharing in the Goove. All net proceeds are donated to music education for children.