Monies Go to Music Education Advocacy Groups

The Mockingbird Foundation is pleased to announce the first steps in the distribution of charitable proceeds from its book about the band Phish. Nominal contributions have been made to several organizations, and the first substantial grants will be disbursed in March.

The Foundation has initially contributed small amounts to the American Music Conference and the International Society for Music Education. Both groups work with music educators as well as in advocacy for music education. The Mockingbird Foundation anticipates making additional contributions to both AMC and ISME in the future, and encourages Phish fans to consider supporting either group financially and otherwise.

The Foundation continues to receive a substantial number of inquiries for its grants program. An initial pool of 36 inquiries was reviewed by a committee of volunteers, and full proposals were requested from a portion of those. The Foundation anticipates disbursing the first grants (of up to $5,000 each) in March, and making additional grants throughout the summer.

The Foundation’s current funds come from The Phish Companion, a 928-page book compiled during a four-year period and released November 30, 2000, by Miller Freeman Books. The book is available in most major book and music stores nationwide, as well as online through Miller Freeman, Phish Dry Goods, and a variety of other sites. Additional funds will come from an album, Sharing in the Groove, expected to be available for pre-order next month.

The Mockingbird Foundation was incorporated in March of 1997 by fans of the band Phish. The organization is entirely volunteer, disburses *all* of its net proceeds to music education for children, and retains no paid staff, debts, or assets.