An online network of volunteers has compiled a 928-page book about the band Phish. The Phish Companion is hitting store shelves nationwide and is expected to be at most major bookstores as well as many instrument and music stores sometime this week. There are hundreds of thousands of Phish fans, and all of them will enjoy the comprehensiveness of the book. All of them.

“A great Christmas or Chanakuh gift!” – Mark Toscano

Miller Freeman Books is publishing The Phish Companion. It was authored under the auspices of the Mockingbird Foundation, incorporated in 1997 by fans of the band Phish. The Foundation has no salaries, wages, executive compensation, honorariums, rent, office, assets, or debts. All of the Foundation’s net proceeds from the book are for charity. All of them.

“The best way to give this holiday season!” – Ellis Godard

The book details everything known about the band and their music. It includes practically all available information about the more than 550 songs and more than 1425 shows that Phish has performed since forming in late 1983. The book summarizes that information, with hundreds of pages of statistics and scores of reviews and essays. It also looks further back, to the band members’ years before the band, as well as forward, with narrative and statistical projections. It also includes interviews with the band’s lyricist, archivist, lighting director, and six others, as well as dozens of maps, charts, and tables; scores of photographs; an incomparable discography; and information on every venue played in the last eight years. All of them.

“Incomparable desk reference to Phish!” – Charlie Dirksen

Mark Toscano, Ellis Godard, and Charlie Dirksen are board members of the Mockingbird Foundation and significant contributors to The Phish Companion. They’re each available via phone and email. They, and the other board members and book contributors, hope you enjoy the book and look forward to your review of it. They want you to know how completely unique this project has been. And they thank you for reading this entire release. All of them.