Little Feat’s new album, Chinese Work Songs, will be released Tuesday, June 20. The album includes a cover of Phish’s “Sample in a Jar,” chosen in connection with Little Feat’s participation with the Mockingbird Foundation. A sample clip is available online,  streamed via Liquid Audio. The full single is at radio stations, but a station near you may not get it until you request that they play it.

The single will also be streamed on the web, as a feature on the Little Feat Radio Hour, a weekly syndicated radio broadcast. This week’s edition will be a two-hour special, featuring Feat’s new album, in its entirety, as well as interviews with the band. The show is typically broadcast through a network of radio stations, but this two-hour special will be broadcast only locally (Humbolt) and live on the web. Phish fans have been invited to “test the servers”, and we’ve been assured that volume won’t be a problem, so listen in for Feat’s comments on Phish and “Sample in a Jar.” (Thursday June 15, 6-8pm PST)

A future edition of the Little Feat Radio Hour will focus on Phish and the Mockingbird Foundation’s album of bands covering Phish, all for charity. That show will include archive tracks of Phish covering Little Feat, as well as Q&A with Mockingbird director Ellis Godard, probably tracks from the Mockingbird Foundation album, and possibly some call-in.

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