The Foundation applies a rigorous review process that insures your donations are wisely used to support high quality, innovation music education programs. This is evidenced by the strength of the more than 335 organizations that our grants have supported, and detailed here:

  • Jan 1 – Inquiries open via an online form that closes Aug 1st, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.  After a brief administrative vetting, each inquiry is randomly assigned to two reviewers.
  • Aug 3 – First-Stage Review starts, with volunteers each receiving a docket of between 20 and 200 submissions. Each reviewer select three inquiries from their docket by Sep 8 (six weeks).
  • Sep 9 – Second-Stage Review starts, as a subset of reviewers collaboratively considers all selections made. A final slate of ~15 applicants is due to the executive director by Oct 13 (five weeks).
  • Oct 14 – Invitations are sent to submit full proposals, through a second online form, due Nov 17 (five weeks).
  • Nov 18 – Proposal Review starts, with final dockets integrating the full proposals with elements from the initial inquiries. Board members review all proposals through eight additional steps:
    • A separate online thread, and shared commentable document, are created for each proposal.
    • Each proposal is randomly assigned to a board member, who conducts due diligence via a “deep dive” by the end of the first week (c. Nov 25).
    • All board members vote yes/no on each proposal submitted, by the end of the second week (c.Dec 1).
    • Proposals receiving more than several no votes are subject to particularly careful consideration and deliberation.
    • Each board member submits quantitative scores to the executive director, who provides the board a non-qualified aggregation of yes/no votes and quantitative scores, by the end of the third week (c.Dec 8).
    • The executive director summarizes the yes/no votes, aggregate quantitative scores, and online discussions from three locales, and proposes 3-6 potential conclusions, by the end of the fourth week (c.Dec 15).
    • The board members discuss extant matters on a conference call during the fourth or fifth week.
    • The board board reaches a conclusion, from those suggested or otherwise, and finalizes which grants receive matching and/or doubling funds from funding partners, by the end of the fifth week (c. Dec 22).
  • Year-End – Final funding decisions are typically announced between Christmas and New Year’s.

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