In addition to the 827 one-time donors to the Mockingbird Foundation, 126 people have made multiple donations at some point since 1997 – as many as 98 times!* We encourage you to consider setting up a small, regular contribution through one of the links below. Over time, it really adds up!

Subscription donations allow you to contribute as little as two dollars ($2!) per month, accruing over time to substantial support. Several fans have given hundreds of dollars that way over the past decade – one has given over a thousand dollars that way!

You can also establish a subscription donation – automated regular contributions via Paypal that let you support music education on an ongoing basis, in smaller increments that build over time, without having to think about it again:


Subscription Levels


  * Figures current as of 1/9/13; Chart current as of 8/11/12.

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