stilts-smWe’re all volunteers, of course, as the Foundation has no salaries and no paid staff. But it’s important that we recognize the many non-board members who play important roles in the Foundation’s ongoing efforts and undertakings. These include the funding committee, as well as separate active working groups concerned with site management, book planning, song history authorship, forum issues, and executive management. And we simply couldn’t do all we do without certain mission-critical individuals, such as Adam Scheinberg (Director of Technology).

We thank all of them for their ongoing efforts, and look forward to more structured and meaningful ways in which more fans can participate. Meanwhile, if you have an idea for doing something – whether a special event, site suggestion, use of the APIs, or potential partnership – please get in touch!

Executive Officers

  • President: Marco Walsh
  • Treasurer & Director of Development: Phil Harrison
  • Secretary & General Counsel: Steve Paolini
  • VP & Associate Counsel: Charlie Dirksen
  • VP & Director of Technology: Adam Scheinberg
  • VP & Deputy Director of Technology: Peter Skewes-Cox
  • Director of Outreach: Johnny Demeter
  • Executive Director: Ellis Godard


  • Fundraising: Elayne Best, Johnny Demeter, Ellis Godard, Philip Harrison (chair), Marco Walsh
  • Merchandise: Kat Griffin, Jack Lebowitz, Heidi Mann, Scott Marks (chair), Pete Mason, Marco Walsh
  • Marketing: Ali Stone
  • Inquiry Review: Christy Articola, Michael Babb, Brian Baker, Gabriela Bermingham, Bill Bowman, Matt Burnham, Chris Cagle, Chris Calarco, Noah Cole, Adam Detsky, Charlie Dirksen, John Fox, Heidi Franz, Marypat Frohm, Christa Garcia, Paul Glace, Kat Griffin, Dan Hantman, Jason Henderson, Kate Houlihan, Mark Hutchison, Liz Karpman, Nik Katapodis, Mike Lipshutlz, Dave Lutz, Kelly Martin, Pete Mason, Steve Paolini, Chip Parker, Josh Romalis, Dave Rosler, Elizabeth Sheldon, Michael Smith, John Stimberis, Ali Stone, Lisa Strachan, Calvin Thorne, Carrie Zande



Ongoing Projects:

  • Phish.net: See site credits
  • Merchandise / Online Store: Jack Lebowitz
  • Contracts & Licensing: Steve Paolini
  • Curation of Photography: Kat Griffin
  • Press Liaison: Chip Parker
  • Artistic Consultant: Heather Hanly

Special Projects:

  • The Phish Companion: Marco Walsh & Phillip Zerbo
  • Sharin’ in the Groove: Ellis Godard
  • Commissioned Artwork: Marco Walsh
  • Art Shows & Auctions: Marco Walsh, Jack Lebowitz, Pete “Phanart” Mason
  • Poster Shows: Marco Walsh, Ric Hersh
  • Phamily Poker Classics: Charlie Dirksen, Kevin Young, Jamey Brill

Media Direction


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