Grantees and volunteers holding benefit events for the Foundation are free to use our logo and name in connection with their advertising and printed materials, provided they request and receive our written permission in advance by email.┬áPlease email any requests with details of proposed use to “[email protected]“.

We are happy to work with anyone planning a benefit event to ensure proper use of the logo, as well as to publicize your event. We do, however, request board approval prior to any use of the Foundation’s name and logo.

To help us maintain a consistent image, through consistent use of our logo, please respect the following guidelines:

  • The logo includes both the graphic and the words “The Mockingbird Foundation”, in the given font. Wherever possible, the graphic should be used in conjunction with the words, not alone.
  • The font of the words should not be altered. Our graphic designer specifically selected the given font in order to complement the graphic.
  • The graphical and verbal portion of the logo may be used in any color, on any color background. But please use the same color for the graphical portion as for the verbal portion.

Please email any requests with details of proposed use to “[email protected]“.

The logo is available in several formats: EPS (ps),Illustrator vector file (ai), Windows metafile (wmf), and JPEG (in black or blue).


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