Why didn’t you wait until after Coventry? — No one saw the breakup coming, and we were caught as off-guard as everyone else. Unfortunately, we were contractually obligated at the time to deliver TPC2, and the end of Phish did nothing to change that. Fortunately, we were all thrilled enough with the new content and sweeping improvements made to feel more than comfortable going to print.

This works out well: You can have the most complete and accurate book about Phish (four years newer than anything else around, and with thousands of updates) in hand for the final shows. Besides, you get 900 pages and 4.20 pounds of information for only 16 bucks from amazon, a good chunk of which goes to music education. That’s a deal!

When will the next edition be out? — That depends on many factors. However, it’s safe to assume that it will be be at least a few more years. Meanwhile, if completeness matters to you, TPC2 is newer, more complete, and more accurate than the alternatives, including the first edition. If you don’t have a Phish book yet, don’t wait – and if you only have an earlier one, you won’t want to continue to rely on its outdated information.

Besides, we’re talking about a Phish encyclopedia of biblical proportions, whose proceeds support music education for children – altogether, a worthwhile expenditure. Buying the book is good for you, good for the kids, and good for everyone’s future. How many other books have that level of importance? :) We’re confident that you’ll enjoy and appreciate the purchase, and we know that the kids you support will!

Won’t it just have 13 more setlists? — Heavens, no! TPC2 added far more than just the Phish shows that happened since TPC1, including hundreds of side shows, dozens of song histories, scores of dictionary entries, new essays and interviews, new photos and graphs, even new kinds of content, such as a topical index to Phish lyrics, a quotation collage of the band talking about the hiatus (the first time they separated), and forewords by Phish’s own music teachers, reminding you how important your purchase is to future generations.

TPC3 will represent at least that much of a leap forward, and possibly more and further. We can’t anticipate what the book will do in its next edition, because we can’t anticipate what Phish and its members will do next. That’s one of the things we’ve always loved about them, and always will.

But meanwhile, don’t miss the big leap that is TPC2

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